2 meter antenna placed on green tower Veron VLI.
Posted by beheer on 02. August 2010 19:44
Edwin PD1EVL has the previous repaired the 2 m. beam which resisted always on the bunker.
A number of pieces aluminium tube have been replaced and the antenna works perfect again.

Sunday we placed the antenna in the green tower on the bunker.
In a fixed position direction to the United Kingdom because the rotor must still be overhauled.

Click on picture to view the enlarged photograph.
Extended News
Edwin did a number tests yesterday already the tests from the car on which we have connected the beam, PI4VLI mobile with 14 elements and we gripped beam on 10M altitudes and opened the repeaters in Belgium (: not even aimed. The antenna has SWR of 1: 1.2 . The coaxkabel now run of the green tower with a steel cable direction the large tower, where these  coaxkabels are connected to the main cables.

Have cooperated: Maurice, Rob, Jesse, Edwin, Pieter made the photograph