Work around and in the Veron Vlissingen bunker.
Posted by PD5EW on 02. August 2010 19:17
The previous time we worked a great deal of time in and around the bunker:
  • The old emergency lighting has been replaced by led strips.
  • A camera system has been assembled, so that we can see what happens in and around the bunker at any time.
  • Also the sponsored cable boxes of Paree in the bunker have been assembled.
  • For the complete report and photographs, click on read more.
    Extended News
    We started on 4 July by replacing old bulbs with new led strips.
    These consume a great deal less energy and give more light compared to normal glowing bulbs.

    A camera system was assembled so that there is a good overview of the surroundings visible.
    These live-camera pictures go to our Internet site so everyone can look in the bunker!
    Paree has sponsored us.

    We paid a lot of attention to cables so we could get them really neat and functioning well.
    On Sunday 18 July large maintenance had been planed to the 20-meter beam on the bunker.
    We lowered the antenna down and repaired it.
    Because some elements have released themself on some points after the storms. We also fixed many cables, connectors, etc.

    Unfortunately, only a few people could help so that we have to do it another time.
    Those who came were (Jesse PE1RUI, Rob PE1KHX, and Pieter PD5EW).
    For this reason, they decided what bunker activities we could carry out.

    We have gone further along with the fixing of the lighting and the camera systems.
    The day was sociably and productive.

    Below are some pictures of the activities of the Veron VLI crew:

    Jesse PE1RUI prepares the CCTV camera for assembly in the tower.
    To protect the camera against the environment he placed it in the housing of 300W halogen bulb.

    Rob PE1KHX reparing the new lighting in the engine compartment.

    Evert assembles the cables in the shack.

    Pieter PD5EW is working in the conversation area.
    The cables are worked out of sight in a decent way.

    De CCTV camera ready to be placed in the tower.

    Rob PE1KHX en Jesse PE1RUI Cooking...

    Rob PE1KHX, Jesse PE1RUI en Pieter PD5EW Eating at the BBQ.