Improving Veron Vlissingen shack and towers.
Posted by beheer on 14. March 2010 17:25
Last Sunday 19-April several things have been carried out in the bunker:
  • The preparations were committed to let down the 20M the antenna.
  • A little crane has been placed in the cage on the tower. On this crane, a winch had been fitted so we could lower the antenna down.
  • In the future, it will be easier to do maintenance (lift-up things and lower things).
  • We were able to see that several elements are loose a lot, We fixed them all together for the sake of safety.
  • Further, the lightning in the conversation room is modified with new halogen bulbs.
  • Also, the wires of the bulbs where damaged this has also been solved.

    Thanks to Pieter for writing this article.