Modification amateur bands in Norway.
Posted by beheer on 21. November 2009 15:55
From 6 November Norwegian amateur radio enthusiasts can use three new bands, they are a part of the 40-meters band.
Now the primary use of the 40-meter band will be for radio amateurs.
There are also plans about a frequency extension on the 12-meters band.

Norwegian amateurs have until now secondary user rights on 60-meters (5.260-5.410 MHz), 600-meters band (493-510 kHz) and for five block-systems in the 4-meters (70 MHz) band.

The area of 7,100 up to 7,200 MHz has become primary for amateur radio use with a maximum capacity of 1000 is Watt PEP.

There will also be modifications in the SHF and EHF area.
We see that more and more countries permit the use of 4-meter band (50 Mhz).

The 4-meter band is interesting because it is just like 6-meter a very good band for mobile stations.

Success with working in Norway!