Modification amateur bands in Norway.
Posted by beheer on 21. November 2009 15:55
As from 6 November Norwegian amateur radio enthusiasts three can use new bands, these are a part of the 40 meters band there as of now primary use for amateurs and there is talk of a frequency extension on 12 meters.

Norwegian amateurs have as from now secondary user rights on 60 meters (5.260-5.410 MHz), 600 the meter link (493-510 kHz) and in five block-systems in the 4 meters (70 MHz) band.

As well now the area of 7,100 up to 7,200 MHz primary for amateur radio use with a maximum capacity of 1000 is Watt PEP.
Finally there also modifications still some took place in the SHF and EHF area.

We see that more and more countries permit the use of 4 meters.
Like in the books of the last amateur consultation you can read, in the Netherlands it is also examined if these bands for amateurs can be given.

The 4 meter band is an interesting band because it is just like 6m a very good band for mobile stations.

Success with working Norway!