Repairing the cooling of our 50Kw maingenerator.
Posted by beheerder on 07. August 2009 16:13
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Sunday 6 February 2005 maintenance has been done to the generator of the VLI bunker:
This machine is necessary for light, heating and the power supply for the radio's in the club shack…

The complete cooling system of the aggregate has been taken down for maintenance:
The cooling water pump has been replaced.
An expansion barrel has been placed.
The pipes and hoses of the cooling system became too weak and have been replaced.
Several taps and pressuremeters have been replaced.
We were able to weld the exhaust after it had been removed on the spot and assembled it afterward.

Then we filled the system with cooling water and did a trial run everything worked very well…
A 12 volts dynamo and 200 Ah accumulator have been coupled to the generator.
P.s. We carried these things out with our people and resources.