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Photo above: antennes clubbuilding "bunker" of pi4vli (Veron Vlissingen) in Biggekerke, see here the route description.
This site keeps you informed about the club and the hobby amateur radio.

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Veron clubstation Pi4AA broadcasts in the season 2016-2017.
Every first Friday of the month a new episode.
VRZA clubstation Pi4VRZ/A the most recent broadcast from QTH Radio Kootwijk.
Every saturday morning (Except in the months July and August and at holydays) a new broadcast.

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Latest Articles
2 meter antenna placed on green tower
Werkzaamheden PI4VLI

Edwin PD1EVL has the previous repaired the 2 m. beam which resisted always on the bunker  A number of pieces aluminium tube has been replaced and the antenna works perfect again.

Further we have placed Sunday the antenna in the green tower on the bunker he stands at present ,in a fixed position direction United Kingdom because the rotor must be still overhauled.

Click on picture to view an increased photograph

beheer on 02. August 2010 19:44· Read More · 2157 Reads · Print
Work around and in the bunker
Werkzaamheden PI4VLIThe previous time has been considerably worked in and around the bunker.
The old emergency lighting has been replaced by ledstrips.
A camera system has been assembled, so that we can see what happenes in and around the bunker.
Also the sponsored cableboxes of Paree in the bunker have been assembled.
For the complete report and photograph click on read more.

PD5EW on 02. August 2010 19:17· Read More · 2117 Reads · Print
Replace Coax Cable ??
Everyone knows that after a number of years your coaxcabels must be replaced. For us in the Netherlands is that generally no problem, but what if you are living in Switzerland?

From PD7BS I received this LINK with beautiful photograph. thanks for the link.(in German Language Sorry)

beheer on 17. July 2010 08:48 · Print
Improving shack and tower.
Werkzaamheden PI4VLI

Last Sunday 19-april several things have been carried out in the bunker:
  • Its preparations were committed to let down the 20M the antenna.
  • For this an little crane has been made in the cage on the tower. On this crane a winch will be fitted so we can lower the antenna down.
  • We were also able to commit more easily maintenance (things lift-up and lower things).
  • It has been see that several elements are loose a lot, and the antenna have been at present fixed so that these would fall down on the nearby bicycle path.
  • Further the lightning in the conversation room is modified with new halogeen bulps.
  • Also the wires of the bulps where damaged and eaten by the mice, also this has been solved.

Thanks to Pieter for writing this.

beheer on 14. March 2010 17:25 · Print
PACC Contest 2010 Video
ContestAlso this year we will participade the PACC contest from PI4VLI Location

Press read more to vieuw the video.

PD5EW on 08. March 2010 16:42· Read More · 2215 Reads · Print
PACC Contest 2010
Werkzaamheden PI4VLIVan zaterdag 13 februari tot zondag 14 februari heeft PI4VLI weer meegedaan met de jaarlijkse PACC contest.
De contest liep van 12:00 tot 12:00 UTC (13:00 tot 13:00 lokale tijd).

De gehele contest was in beeld en geluid-stream live te volgen via op deze website.
Voor de rest van het artikel en foto's, klik op 'lees meer'.

PD5EW on 12. February 2010 11:37· Read More · 2628 Reads · Print
The international space station ISS gets a new atom clock
ISSThe international space station ISS gets a new atom clockl, which registers the time still more exactly than existing equipment for time recording. That made the European space travel organisation ESA Tuesday confessed. The clock has a maximum deviation of 1 second in three hundred millions year time. Japan will install the new equipment in the beginning of 2013 at the ISS. With the atom bell scientists want to examine the relativitie-theorie of Einstein.

beheer on 18. December 2009 08:21 · Print
Modification amateur bands in Norway
JournalAs from 6 November Norwegian amateur radio enthusiasts three can use new bands, these are a part of the 40 meters band there as of now primary use for amateurs and there is talk of a frequency extension on 12 meters. Norwegian amateurs have as from now secondary user rights on 60 meters (5.260-5.410 MHz), 600 the meter link (493-510 kHz) and in five block-systems in the 4 meters (70 MHz) band.

Aswell of now the area of 7,100 up to 7,200 MHz primary for amateur radio use with a maximum capacity of 1000 is Watt PEP. Finally there also modifications still some took place in the SHF and EHF area. We see that more and more countries permit the use of 4 meters. Like in the books of the last amateur consultation you can read, in the Netherlands it is also examined if these bands for amateurs can be given . The 4 meter band is an interesting band because it is just like 6m a very good band for mobile stations.

beheer on 21. November 2009 15:55 · Print
The air Pictures from te PI4VLI Clublocation

Press read more for larger images

beheer on 14. November 2009 10:17· Read More · 2313 Reads · Print
Call opzoeken
World Wide HamCall™ Callsign Server

Enter callsign:
Log in to look up callsigns from HamCall databases 1995 to present!

QRZ callsign lookup:

beheerder on 05. October 2009 19:54 · Print
Radio Amateur WEB TV

CH73.NET looks after streaming server for:

  • 24-uurs Internet-TV a web canal: CH73
  • Streams of and for ATV repeaters
  • Live streams of and for events
  • Amateur Webcams
  • On-demand video of all available films (or: to examine when you want it)
  • Links to other streams
  • Audio Archives (e.g of amateur rounds

best 73 on behalf of the crew of www.ch73.net click on read more for more information

beheerder on 28. August 2009 18:38· Read More · 2642 Reads · Print
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Dutch Version press here
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